Silo V&A Waterfront

In 2015 I received an amazing commission – a real photographer’s dream for several reasons! The V&A Waterfront have been a long time client of HOBERMAN, we produced a coffee table book for them in 2012 and another in 2015, in celebration of the 25 year anniversary. For those outside of South Africa, the V&A Waterfront is an amazing destination for both tourists and locals alike in Cape Town’s working harbour.

To give you an idea of its popularity, it is the most visited site on the entire African continent! Shortly after the book was published, the V&A Waterfront began a new major project – turning abandoned grain silos into a modern architectural masterpiece (the creative vision of celebrated British designer Thomas Heatherwick). The building, which is now close to completion, will house the Zeitz-MOCAA – a major museum of contemporary African art as well as an incredible 5 star hotel by Liz Biden’s Royal Portfolio (La Residence, Birkenhead House, Royal Malawane).

I had a vision of a flying bird, wings spread within a crumbling window frame. I sat for over three hours without lowering the camera. Obsession pays off and my arm isn’t sore anymore.

Marc Hoberman

So back to the commission….the grain silos have been abandoned for many decades and before beginning the process of clearing everything out and preparing for construction, they allowed me inside with my camera, a hard hat, whistle, plastic “bono” glasses and a packed lunch. 3 days of work later I produced a collection of 200 fine art photographs of what I found inside. Layers upon layers of crumbling paint, cracked windows, dead pigeons and an incredible collection of British turn-of-the-century industrial machines. A kid in a candy store, I didn’t stop for a second and left my lunch for the pigeons that were well and alive. The ultimate commission element? As I walked out everything was removed or destroyed– photographers rather like exclusivity!

Below are some of the pictures that are available as limited edition prints, I hope you like them…..follow us on Instagram for more!